Tuesday, 10 April 2012


For the last few weeks of Spring term, the children made their own Marionettes! They looked so fabulous at the end it was certainly worth all the time and dedication it took to create them!

First of all the children drew out the Marionette on a sheet of A3 paper - positioning all the limbs so they fit on the paper and were proportionate to each other.

Then they started to cut wire to fit each limb and made loops on either end of the cut wires. To keep all the 'limbs' together we stuck them with masking tape to the drawing in between sessions.

Then they used newspaper and masking tape to form each limb, body, head, feets and hands. Some of the children chose to do animals, so their body parts were much different to those that made figures.

When all the body parts were made, the marionettes were assembled. This was where the fun really began as the children could see their creations come to life!

Next was the super fun painting stage.

Finally came choosing fabric for details and individual styles.

When the Marionettes were complete, we made cross-bars out of kebab sticks and attached the Marionettes to them with invisible wire. The children had so much fun interacting with their new creations! Here are just a few of the finished ones:

A girl

A Giraffe Bride

A Fish and a Tiger

2 Ladies

and a Chipmunk!

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