Sunday, 13 May 2012

The Crouch End Festival 2012 - Community Artwork

To celebrate May Day and The Crouch End Festival 2012, Leona and one of her assistants from Artist's Resource went to Stationers Park, N8, to make a life size Sculpture of a sheep! But not just any sheep - a psychedelic one!

You can Watch the video of the making of the Psychedelic Sheep Sculpture by clicking on this photo below:

Leona and Miriam started off in Hornsey Vale Community Centre, making the main structure of the sheep. We used wiremesh, wire and newspaper to construct the sheeps body, head, legs, tail and decorative swirls on it's back to represent the wooly coat.

When the wire stage was complete, we took the sculpture outside to start on the plaster stage with the public. Anyone could join in! It was so much fun meeting local parents and children who all helped cover the sheep in plaster.

When the plaster had dried, we went onto the next stage - covering it with 100's of squares of fabric! We had so many gorgeous fabrics to choose from! Everyone had lots of fun gluing their chosen fabric squares onto the sheep sculpture.

When the sculpture was complete, we donated the finished piece to Hornsey Vale Community Centre, N8 so that everyone who visits this fabulous place can see and enjoy all our hard work.

Well done everyone!

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Visionary Self Portraits in Clay

Following on from last week, the children continued with the Visionary Self Portrait theme, but this time in 3D form, using clay.

They each had a mirror to look closely at the structure of their faces, but they could also choose from images of flowers, animals and more to add to their finished artwork.

Here are just some of the completed ones - enjoy!

Visionary Self Portraits

This week the children made Visionary Self Portraits. 

They did this using photographs of themselves with wax crayons and collage. They drew over the photographs with the wax crayons and added collaged visions of what they were thinking about, what they enjoyed or what they would like to be when they grow up.

Here are some of the results!