Friday, 20 January 2012

Mosaic Animals

Welcome back to Art club for 2012!
During the last couple of sessions the children have been making mosaic animal plaques.

First of all they chose the animal they wanted to mosaic from a large pile of animals. Then they chose a tile for the outline, background and inside of their animal. Some chose ceramic tiles and others chose glass tiles. The outline was made first as thats the shape that will stand out the most in the design.

After the outline, then you could fill in the background and the inside of the animal. You have to be careful to keep the spacing equal between the tiles - only a couple of mm! We used a silicone adhesive to stick the tiles to the MDF board.

For some it took just one session to fill all the gaps and for others, it took 2. In all cases the results were stunning!

Next, the children were ready to grout. They mixed the grout with water and smeared it all over their design. Then they scraped off the access and sponged off the final layer of grout until they could see all the tiles shining underneath.

Good job everyone! Here are some of the finished pieces!
Remember to polish them with a bit of beeswax when the grout has cured (dried) when you get home!