Saturday, 12 October 2013

Wire Self Portraits

This Week the children made their own Wire Sculpture Self Portaits.

They were given the Works of Alexander Caulder to look at and I gave them instructions on how to make the main frame.

After they got the main structure, they could then use buttons, tissue paper and thinner wire to make the features of the face, using mirrors as reference.

Here are my two favourites from the group as they worked the hardest to get them complete:

Cityscape group drawing

The other really great drawing project we did to start off the term was a group drawing project.

Here, the children had to draw with ONE CONTINUOUS LINE - or in other words, not let the pencil leave the paper for a specific time period!

Here were the results, the two photos are actually each half of the same drawing, approx 1m in length by 40cm wide -

Drawing each other

Welcome back!

Its been a while since I last posted, mainly because I've been focusing on getting the Facebook page up and running - please come by, 'like' and interact! As a bit of a change for this year, I'll only be posting my favourite images from the classes here - so you can look forward to that!

So! We got off to a flying start with a couple of Drawing projects. The first one was where the children drew each other in different poses! I particularly LOVE this drawing made by a 6 year old, isnt it just wonderful!

I also managed to capture this moment when one of the children was pretending to be a singer - just brilliant dont you think?!