Saturday, 22 October 2011

Tape Sculpture Project

Last week we had the most fun in an Art Club so far this term! Both the children and I agreed that making tape sculptures was so much fun!

I brought in a range of large objects including plastic flowerpots, outdoor light casings, wellington boots and small wooden chairs.

The process was simple- cover the whole object in tape with the sticky side up, then re-cover the whole object again with the tape sticky side down.

After this process, I used a sharp blade to cut the tape away from the form inside it. This is a careful process to make sure that cuts are made in the right places! Then it was up to the children to tape up the seams to create the finished sculpture!

The children were so overjoyed with their finished pieces. You can't get better than a double thumbs up!

I made a display around the willow in the garden to show the amazing work off to the parents - they were all very impressed. Enjoy!

Aboriginal inspired Dot Paintings

This week the children made aboriginal inspired dot paintings. We saw that the aborigines made artworks of things that were important to them; fires, campsites and kangaroos were just some of the reoccurring themes.
So I asked the children what was important to them and they made lots of suggestions; family, flowers, myself, pets and even mobile phones were some of the answers.

So the children drew out what was important to them on a sheet of A2 paper and then chose 4 or 5 colours to make their painting. Some of the children drew around their hand like in one of the examples, to represent themselves.

They made the dots using the rubber on the end of a pencil. To get a nice dot every time and equal spacing between the dots was a challenge - it required a lot of concentration!

Here are some of the finished ones, enjoy!

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Human Painting Project

For 2 weeks this term, the children embarked on a project called "The Human Painting' Here's a concept image I made to explain the idea to the kids:

The way it worked is that the children were each given a piece of calico to hang over themselves, kind of like a poncho. Then they chose some fabric samples they liked from a huge bag of fabrics. They cut out the samples into squares and circles and laid them onto their costumes to form abstract designs.

The children had to decide who they would be positioned next to in the final artwork. To keep continuity each child make sure their costume featured the same fabric on theirs, as their neighbours.

They took great care in pinning the fabric together. A couple of the children even got into some sewing. It was a joy to see the concentration on their faces!

After each costume was complete, a few of the children laid out the remaining pieces of fabric on the lawn, everyone got in their positions and I climbed on the climbing frame to get the final picture from above: