Saturday, 22 October 2011

Tape Sculpture Project

Last week we had the most fun in an Art Club so far this term! Both the children and I agreed that making tape sculptures was so much fun!

I brought in a range of large objects including plastic flowerpots, outdoor light casings, wellington boots and small wooden chairs.

The process was simple- cover the whole object in tape with the sticky side up, then re-cover the whole object again with the tape sticky side down.

After this process, I used a sharp blade to cut the tape away from the form inside it. This is a careful process to make sure that cuts are made in the right places! Then it was up to the children to tape up the seams to create the finished sculpture!

The children were so overjoyed with their finished pieces. You can't get better than a double thumbs up!

I made a display around the willow in the garden to show the amazing work off to the parents - they were all very impressed. Enjoy!


  1. Hi, this looks like every kids dream to go mad with a roll of sello tape! The finished results look good enough for any modern art gallery!
    i just came across your lovely comment re; match box theaters and the puppets are made from match sticks and air dry clay, sculpted with a cocktail stick! do you make anything for yourself or sell at any markets?