Saturday, 17 September 2011

3D Animal Relief Paintings

Welcome to Art Club!
I look forward to making lots of beautiful artworks with you!

The children got busy on their first project
'3D Animal Relief Paintings'.

Firstly, the children chose a printout of an animal that they liked from a huge collection that I brought in.  Secondly, they shaped their animal in newspaper. This was tricky at first, but they soon got to grips with looking at the shapes of the animals and transferring them into shapes of newspaper. Finally they secured their shapes down onto their piece of cardboard with strips of masking tape. No glue required! I love this technique, its a really great way of getting raised 'relief' images quickly and with zero mess!

After making sure all the layers of masking tape were secure, the children started painting their animal. They used their printout as a reference to attain the desired colours.

Everyone had lots of fun and created beautiful artworks!

As always I only manage to get a few photos in whilst teaching so here are some of the finished pieces! Enjoy.

See you next week!