Friday, 8 July 2011

The Cally Road Festival 2011 - Community Art Project

On Sunday 3rd July 2011, me and my team at Artists Resource set up a community art project at the Cally Festival, N1, London.

You can watch the 'making of' video Here:

We got to work making a Giant Octopus! Firstly, we made the structure using wire mesh and stuffed it with newspaper. We made 8 tentacles and attached them to the body using wire.

After that we propped up the Octopus and got to work covering him in plaster bandage. It was so much fun and everyone - children and adults alike - loved smoothing out all the plaster.

After the plaster stage, we then pulled out lots of gorgeous fabrics that had been donated to us from various local charity shops. We cut them into squares of roughly the same shape and painted them onto the sculpture with PVA.

The finished sculpture can be seen in the POP-UP Gallery on Caledonian Road for a week.

Thanks to all the team! We had so much fun with the community. What an amazing making day!