Monday, 23 April 2012

Junk Modelling Theme Park

For the first (rainy!) week back of Summer Term, the children got busy designing and making their own Theme Park Ride! I had been saving up my plastic pots and tubs for months and now we could finally use them.

The children had a choice of up to 6 plastic items, a roll of electrical tape, clear solotape, cardboard and kebab sticks. They were all given a wooden man to make sure that their rides were all a similar size - all 'to scale'.

They made some fantastic rides. The photo above was of a spinning ride - that actually spun! Brilliant.

The above photo shows a 'Flume' type ride which the little wooden man provided came sliding down and into the pot below!

The above photo shows a multi-ride - a swing, a tunnel and huts to climb into - all in one!

And below are two very fabulous 'Waltzer' type rides - looking good!


The final Theme Park assembled with just some of the finished rides - you can see a pirate ship in the back right - and the wooden man just off centre left. Brilliant work everyone. Well done!

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