Thursday, 2 February 2012

Mandala Group Project

Ah yes! A new month and time for a group project! This time it was 'Make a Mandala'. We laid out sheets of newspaper to form the largest square possible - around 4msqu - and secured with clear tape. Then we marked a large circle using string and a pen to outline the edge of the Mandala.

All the children got into 4 groups. There was a 'circles' group, a 'squares' group, a 'rectangle' group and a 'pointed shapes' group. A leader from each group was appointed and each leader discussed how best to create the mandala using the materials given.

The materials provided were lots of pre cut circles, postitnotes for squares, label stickers for rectangles and disount labels for pointed shapes. There was also a bag of coloured card so that should any of the resources run out, we could make templates and create more shapes.

The children quickly realised that that in order to get every child involved, jobs had to be allocated. Some worked on the centre while others worked on the outside edge.

Soon a really gorgeous heart shaped emerged and all the other patterns evolved around the central heart shape.

Everyone was having a great time!

And here is the finished piece! What a great job! A beautiful result! We love Art Club!


  1. It's great to see the youngsters having such a great time. I love that they are working large and in a group.
    Well done to you and all the children involved.

    Jan :)

    1. Thanks Jan, group projects are my favourite! I love devising them and love seeing the kids take collective ownership of their work. Have a look at this community artwork we made in the summer: