Thursday, 9 February 2012

Biscuit Buildings!

To give the children a huge treat before half term, I bought hundreds of biscuits and sweets, for them to make Biscuit Buildings! Needless to say they were very excited and worked hard on their buildings right to the very last minute of the session!

They were given a sheet of cardboard and foil to wrap round it as a base.

They were given a whole pack of custard creams and garibaldis each! As well as a handful of bourbons, nice biscuits and chocolate wafers. A couple of children were absent so there were even more biscuits to go round!

They used royal icing as 'cement' to stick the biscuit 'bricks' together and form their building. The children looked at real bricks to see the special way in which to build their structure. They soon realised that their buildings needed internal support to strengthen them. More biscuits please!

For the last half an hour, the children were given a bowl of sweets each! They had smarties, laces, love hearts and dolly mixtures. Wow! Time to add the details to their brilliant structures.

Here are some of their amazing creations!! enjoy!! Why not make your own this half term?

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  1. I love this idea, I dont care about the kids, I want a go!!!!

    Lots of respect from the craft forum!