Thursday, 24 November 2011

Marbled Christmas Cards

So this week the children in the Art Club made Marbled Christmas Cards!

We had so much fun making marbled holly berries and making pop-up holly leaves. Some of the children were loving this project so much that they made three cards each!

Marbling is easy! Just drop the paint into a bucket of water and swirl the colours together with a stick. Then put your polystyrene shape into the paint slowly and pull out quickly.

When the 'berries' were dry they were stuck onto the card with super strong glue.

Then the children were given some ribbon to make a border. The holly leaves were cut out and arranged with the berries. Lots of different designs started to emerge. Pink leaves, blue leaves, floating berries, multiple berries on top of one another and lots of other colourful decorations!

Just 2 more weeks of Art Club left in 2011! Happy Christmas everyone!


  1. Hi Leona. Do you do private classes? I'd like to learn this technique.

  2. Yes I do and I would love to teach you this technique! Do give me a call or email via my website for more details! xxx :0)