Thursday, 17 November 2011

Inside a Bee Colony Artwork

For the last 2 weeks the children have been busy making an artwork called 'Inside a Bee colony'!

For the first week they made a paper pulp mixture using newspaper, marble powder, water and pva glue. They looked at pictures of bees and made their raised, relief shapes from the paper pulp and glued them to a large sheet of ply.

When the bees had dried, the whole artwork was given a layer of white emulsion. The children made hexagonal templates and got to work drawing the honeycomb all over the board.

To fill the artwork with even more bees, the children each drew a 2D bee next to their 3D or 'relief' bee.

Then it was time to get painting! We decided on making lots of shades of oranges for the honeycomb and a mix of yellows, blacks and blues for the bees. The children worked brilliantly together, helping make sure every white space was filled by the end of the session.

I think you'll agree that the finished artwork is superb! Well done everybody!

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